Tuesday, October 11, 2011


took this before presentation
i look so fat and so cacat leh..>.<

yesterday i was stay overnight with Jiao ling at her hostel room
i went there without pass without permission .. heheee :X
today is the frist week of our ENG pesentation
i get the no.3 to present ..so damn 'lucky' :(
my tittle is how to draw a natural make up within 10 minutes 
i done not well .
i have not enough time to prepare + nervous + short speech + broken english T.T
got a feeling ..i will get low marks in this time ..oh shitttt
.i always done my presentation bad .. haih /.\

but ..it is past tense 

i still very syok sendiri 
took many photos LOL

i only upload some here :P

leng leng JIAO LING XD

me and she
 bought this popcorn at canteen 2,
it's tasty ,colourful 
got many type of flavor
we choose chocolate,caramel&strawberry flavor :)
nice to eat 

the pack there wrote 'melt in mouth' HAHA

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