Monday, November 1, 2010

the beginning of NOVEMBER..

the 1st of november..
tomorrow is my darling Bday ..
sry, i haven buy a present for u @@

start from today..i no need to work anymore..yeeeah ~
i should prepair my SPM start from now!!!!
last minutes oni want study.this call临时抱佛脚-.-
BUT hor..i feel very lazy to study..I HATE STUDY :((

boring ~boring~ boring ~!!

nothing to do..keep online since my eyes is open ..LOL xD

edited some photos ..

which is my lovely friends+classmate ^^

hehe haha hoho


MG!!!miracle group

i love MG x)))
we took this picha at airport KLIA 
it is memorable..

wrote those broken english on my blog again ..lalalalalalalala

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